Tags are the metadata that describes an item. Unlike fields which is created for the complete account irrespective of the fact whether they are required by all the contacts or not and is a wastage of resources. So to overcome this, tags were created. This will aid in classification of contacts based on the requirements.

Areas where we can use contact tags:

Once the tags are successfully created and the contacts are imported in it, we can create segments. Furthermore, we can use tag event trigger and change tag action available under workflows now.

How to create Tags?

  1. Hover on ‘M’ logo and click on ‘Emails’.
  2. Kindly hover the cursor on ‘Contacts’ tab at the top and click on tags. It will take you to the Tag index page.
  3. Then hover the cursor on ‘Contacts’ tab again and click on New TagContact Tags
  4. It will open a popup. Kindly enter the name of the tag.

The page will be re-directed to the tag index page. Now we are ready to import the contacts into tags.

In order to import contacts into a tag, kindly hover the cursor on ‘Contacts’ and click on ‘Import tags’. Now choose the csv file and then click on import.

Import tags

Note:- While importing the .csv file, it should have an email, add_tags or remove_tags field. Both add_tags and remove_tags columns should contain comma separated tag names. The difference between add_tags and remove_tags is that add_tags will add the contact into the tag and remove_tags will simply remove it if the targetted contact is present in the tag. 

**Kindly make sure the tag name is same as the tag value in CSV, otherwise contacts will not be imported**

The contacts will be added to the respective tags once the import is complete. There is no limitation to the number of tags. You can create as many as you want depending upon the requirements.

How to create tags in segment?

  1. Hover on ‘M’ logo and click on ‘Emails’.
  2. Hover on ‘Segments’ tab at the top and click on New Segment.
  3. Give a name to the segment and click on the ‘Add new rule’. Select “Tags” in the drop down list.
  4. Right next to tag, you will see another drop down which has 6 options. They are mentioned below:
  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Contains
  • Does not Contain
  • Starts with
  • Ends with

Tags in segments

After selecting any of the option you can enter the created date and then save the segment.

How can we use tags in automation?

There is “Tag Event” trigger in the workflow. If we create workflow based on the Tag Event trigger, it will trigger the workflow as soon as a new contact gets added to the tag or if a contact is removed from the tag.

Change Tag element under “Actions” will change the tags of the contacts.