Template tags allow you to create templates within templates. Let’s say we have created a template and we want to use that template again in any other template than this can be accomplished by using the automated tag in the new template.

We can use one template tag to maximum 2 templates ancestry.

Follow the steps below to create template tags:

  1. Hover over the (M) logo and click on “Email”. After that, hover on content and click on template library.

    Template LibraryUntitled

  2. Then hover the cursor back to “Content” and then click on “Add Template” from the drop-down.

    Add template

  3. The content editor page will open. Enter the content using the editor tools or paste the HTML code into the source. Also, give a tag name.

    Tag name

    Now, once the template content is ready, you can assign the privileges to the user to edit the template. An automated tag will be created for the template created and we can use that tag at maximum of two different templates.


    PrivilegesNote: The tag name must only contain lowercase alphabets, numbers or                   underscores.

  4. We can also use templates in contents. If we use the template with restriction, then no other user will be able to edit it. Only those users would be able to edit the template in content that was given the privileges.

    Templates grade out

    It will be graded out and you will not be able to edit it. However, you can create a content using that template.

  5. Content templates can only be deleted by their owners i.e. only those who have the privilege to make changes to the template. If its grade out for you, that it means you can not delete it.There is no limit to number of templates you can create in your account.