In order to create fields, kindly follow the steps mentioned:

  1. Hover to the (M) logo on the top left side and click on “Email” in the drop down.
  2. The second option at the top left next to a blue ‘Email’ tab will be of ‘Contacts’. Hover on it and click on “Fields” in the drop down.


  3. This will open the field index page. This page contains all the default fields and custom fields(if any). Following are the default fields which is already created by default for every account:
    a. first name
    b. last name
    c. email
    d. phone
    e. fax

    Though on the field index page, we show first name and last name default fields only.

    Field index

  4. In order to create a new field, hover the cursor to “New” when on the same page. You may also hover the cursor to “Contacts” and click on “New field” from the drop-down.
    A new pop up will open. Give an appropriate name, select the field type, default value and set yes/no for “add to edit profile page” per your need. Then hit save.

    New custom field

A user can create as many fields as they want. There is no limit to it. Also, you can rename, delete fields easily from the field index page.


You can set default value for the “First name” and “Last name” default fields on the field index page. This will add these values for the contacts who’s first name or last name is not present owing to the fact that the source/enduser or the lead did not provide it to you at the time of creation of contacts. This is useful while using contacts tags in content or subject line of campaigns.