Steps to create a New Campaign:

  1. log in to the application, hover on the ‘M’ logo at the top-left side and click on ‘Email’ option from the populated menu.
  2. The first option at the top left next to a blue ‘Email’ tab will be of ‘Campaigns’, hover on it and a menu with an option of ‘New Campaign’ will be populated, click on it and three steps campaign creation page will appear.

    Campaign first page

  3. Enter the campaign details (name, subject, pre-header, from name, from email, reply to email) select the content (selected content will appear at the right side of the page) and select the target group from the given options:
    Lists, Segments, Tables, Suppress Lists, Suppress Segments, Suppress Workflows

    The from name, from email, reply to email and address is auto fetched from the list only if this is stored while creating the list. If you are selecting multiple lists, then it will fill the above details from the last list selected in the sequence.

    There is another option on the first page “show email preview link”. If you uncheck this option, it will remove “If you are having trouble viewing this email, click here”.

  4. After filling up all the required info, different actions can be performed here at step 1
    Next (to move to next page)
    Save as draft (to use at later point)
    Send test (test campaign can be sent to maximum 20 contacts only).
    Render preview: This option shows how the campaign will be arrayed on different              platforms, Save the campaign as transactional campaign. i.e., email clients, mobile,          different operating systems, etc.
  5. Once you click on “Next” the spam check page will open. On this page, our system checks for any listed domains/links/text present in the content and gives a score which should be less than 5.0. If the score is more than 5.0, system will not allow to send the campaign and our postmaster team will be notified and they will get in touch with the account admin regarding the same.

    Spam check 1

  6. Click next to move to page 3.

    Campaign step 3

    This page shows different sending options that are mentioned below in detail:


This option gives the ability of sending the campaigns on priority to the contacts. It organizes the list on the basis of user engagement (from most engaged users to the least engaged) for stronger inbox delivery. It sends the campaign to most engaged users first, while the non-openers receive it in the end. Campaign can either be scheduled by selecting the date and clicking on ‘Schedule’ or can be sent right away by leaving the date blank and clicking on ‘Send Now’.


This option sends the campaign to contacts according to their respective time zones. For example, a campaign is scheduled for 10 am EST, one contact is present in PST and one in MST time zone, by using this option, both the contacts will receive the campaign at 10 am as per their time zones.

There are two scenarios:-

A) If a campaign is scheduled for 6 pm EST today and a contact is in a time zone where this time (6 pm) has already passed, then the campaign will be delivered next day at the same time to that contact.

B) In case a campaign is scheduled for tomorrow at 6 pm EST using this option then the campaign will get locked for 16 hours and will start delivering with Fiji time zone at 6 pm the previous day and simultaneously to the rest of the time zones. Once the campaign gets locked it cannot be edited.


This option sends a campaign to the recipients at the time when they are most engaged. This option allows to schedule the campaign at anytime and deliver over 24hrs based on our internal engagement algorithm. For example, if a contact opened a campaign at 10 am last time, then the next campaign will be delivered to him at exactly 10 am. Campaign can either be scheduled by selecting the date and clicking on ‘Schedule’ or can be sent right away by leaving the date blank and clicking on ‘Send Now’.


By this option, you can schedule a recurring campaign either for every day, every week, every month or every year.