Manage Subscription allows a user to subscribe/unsubscribe from a list/lists. All the lists in which a contact is present is visible on this page. Also, if on any list, “Add to unsubscribe page” is set to “Yes“, then those lists will be visible too.


In order to unsubscribe from all lists, one can click on “Unsubscribe me from all of my current email lists” which is visible at the bottom of this page. Towards the bottom right side, there is a hyperlink to edit profile page as well.

In order to create a custom “Manage Subscription” page, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Hover the cursor to the “Contacts” tab and then click on “New Preference Page” in the resulting drop-down menu.New Preference Page
  2. Give an appropriate name and select “Manage Subscription” under page type.Manage Subscription
  3. Design your page using the editor tools or by pasting the HTML in the source.Source

    *This page must have “{{manage_sub.form}}”, this tag will be replaced with the form where a contact can select the lists he wants to get subscribed/unsubscribed.
    *You can check the conversion of this tag, by saving the page and clicking on the Preview link below the Page’s name.
  4. At the bottom of the page, there is an option “re-direct the contact to a thank you page after the form is submitted”. We can use either default or create a customized page which is explained under the “thank you page” section.
  5. Click on “Save page” and it will re-direct to the “Preference index” page.
  6. You can now preview the page by clicking on the Preview link below the page name.