Do not mail list is a global suppression list present in every Maropost account. This list ensures that any contact present in it will not receive future communication from the Maropost account.

How will a contact get added to the “Do not mail” list?

  1. If a contact email gets hard-bounced, it will be added to the do not mail list automatically.
  2. If the end user clicks on “Report spam” from the footer of the email, it will be added to this list.
  3. By clicking on “Never mail me again” from the “Edit Profile” page accessed through the footer.

We can also add contacts manually to the “Do not mail” list either by importing a CSV or by creating manually inside the list.

In order to access the “Do not mail” list, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Maropost account.
  2. Hover the cursor to your username on the top right side and click on “Account Settings.”


  3. It will open the account index page. The “Do not mail” list is seen on the bottom left-hand side.


  4. Below the “Do not mail list”, it shows the number of contacts present. One can Manage, Export and Import contacts in the DNM list.
  5. On clicking “Manage”. it opens a new page and displays all the contacts that are currently present in the DNM list.

    Manage DNM

    There is a small bar which exhibit options “Add new”, Import, Export and Post URL. There is a created at date and options to edit or delete a contact under actions on this page. Use pagination to see contacts on the next page and so on.

**To know the API call in order to access or add contacts into “Do not mail list”, kindly check the API documentation under “Connections“.

Is “Do not mail” list account wise or global to all accounts?

A DNM list is account specific i.e. if a contact is present in the DNM list of account “123”, then it will not affect the sending to this contact from an account “456”.

Kindly note that when a contact is added to Do not mail list, he/she will stop receiving all sorts of email communication (normal campaigns, A/B campaigns, workflow campaigns and test) from an account.

So if someone wish to receive emails again and subscribes back to a new list, he/she will not receive it until their email address is deleted from the Do not mail list.