Connections include all the documents related to Maropost API and carts. Additionally, Infusionsoft integration, relational table, and SFTP document

In order to access the “Connections” tab, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Maropost account.
  2. Hover the cursor to your username and click on “Connections” from the drop-down.
  3. This will re-direct to a new page. Following tabs will appear on the top:

    – API Document
    – API Keys (Auth token required to run API call)
    – Carts
    – Infusionsoft
    – Dynamics CRM (Activation on request)
    – Relational Table(Activation on request)
    – SFTP Access (Activation on request)

  4. Detailed explanation of all the API calls is also available on and
  5. Following cart’s are integrated with Maropost:– 1 Shopping cart
    – Ultra cart
    – Nanacast cart
    – 3D cart
    – Click bank
  6. Infusionsoft: Currently, we have 4 types of integration with Infusionsoft platform. Every integration is independent of each other. Based on your requirement, you can create a specific type of integration.

    Contact import
    This integration import contacts from Infusionsoft into a particular list in Maropost.

    1. Kindly click on “Add settings”. Select the first option “Contact import”
    2. Give a name in the first field. Then enter the API URL ex:
    3. The third option is the API key. You need to get this key from your Infusionsoft account. Login to your Infusionsoft account. Then under the main menu, go to admin section then settings >> then scroll down and you will see encrypted key. This is the API key you need to copy and paste into the required field in Maropost.
    1. Please enter the API key and then click on save. Now you will see a “Post URL”. Kindly copy this URL.
    2. Then go to your Infusionsoft account. Click on contacts >> select all or select the contacts which you want to import into the Maropost List and then click on “Actions”.
    3. Then click on “Apply action set” and scroll down to select “send an HTTP post to another server”.
    4. Paste the URL which you copied from Maropost and then click on “Process action”.

    To enable the Auto-Import from Infusionsoft, click on edit in front of the contact import integration which is already setup. You will see “Auto-Import”. Kindly check this option and hit save.

    NOTE: The Auto-Import executes every day at 08:00 am EST.

    1. You can always uncheck this option if you want the auto-import to stop.
    2. The import will fetch the contacts for the previous day entries.
    3. The subscription of the contact will not change when the import is run in Maropost. E.g. if a contact is subscribed in Infusionsoft then the contact will be imported as subscribed in Maropost as well and Vice- Versa.
    4. If we send a campaign to the Maropost list in which contacts are imported from Infusionsoft and a user unsubscribes from that campaign, then the status of the contact will be changed to “Unsubscribed” in Infusionsoft too.

    Product contact import
    Under this option, it will fetch those contacts which are in the process of purchasing a product, it also fetches failed or successful transaction contacts.

    1. Kindly click on “Add settings” and then click on “Product contact report”.
    2. Give a name, enter the URL and the API key. Please remember that the API key will remain the same if you are using same API URL.
    3. Select the list in which you want to import contacts and hit save.
    4. Copy the “Post URL”  and go back to Infusionsoft.
    5. Then navigate to Main menu >> E-Commerce >> Actions.
    6. Under default settings click on second option “Contact creation Action”.
    7. Then click on “Send an HTTP post to another server” and paste the URL and save.

    Product and Revenue

    Using this option you can fetch the contacts as well as product revenue.

    1. Kindly click on “Add settings” and then click on “Product Revenue”.
    2. Kindly fill all the details. In this option, you can again select multiple lists, however, in this particular feature, the “thank you URL” has to be mentioned as it is mandatory. If you do not enter this URL, it will throw an error while saving.
    3. After you have filled all the details, kindly save it and then copy the “Post URL”.
    4. Then go to Infusionsoft and navigate to Main menu >> E-Commerce >> E-Commerce setup.
    5. Then click on “Shopping cart themes” under Design option.
    6. Then edit your active theme by clicking on “Edit”.
    7. Then paste the URL copied from Maropost in the “Thank you URL” option and save.

    Form Contact Import

    1. Kindly click on “Add settings” and then click on “Form Contact Import” under connections.
    2. Kindly enter a name, API URL, API key. Then select a list and paste the “Thank you URL. Please note that it is mandatory to enter this URL. It will not let you save and will throw an error if left blank.
    3. After you have filled all the details, kindly save it and then copy the “Post URL”.
    4. Then go to Infusionsoft and navigate to Main menu >> E-Commerce >> E-Commerce setup.
    5. Then click on “Order forms” under checkout.
    6. Then click on your form name and it will open a new page.
    7. Now click on “Thank you page” tab and paste the post URL from Maropost in the URL box.
    8. Please make sure that you have checked the option “Pass contact information to the Thank you page”. Kindly click on save now.