Content is the information and experience(s) directed towards an end-user or audience.

In Maropost, you can create your content using the inbuilt functions of the editor or simply paste the HTML code into the source of the editor. The editor also allows to pull HTML from an Existing URL.

Along with this, you can add a separate text part. This option displays the basic text of the content on the devices where HTML is not supported.

In order to create content, Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Hover the cursor to the (M) logo and then click on “Email” from the drop-down.


  2. Now click on “Content” and it will open the content index page.

    Content index page

  3. Hover the cursor back to the “Content” and then click on “New Content” from the drop-down.

    New content

  4. The content creation page will open now. Kindly enter a name.

    Content creation


    In case, you want to select a template in the content, you can select it from the template dropdown, right under the “Name” field.

  5. Towards the left-hand side, you will see images and image folders. To use the images, you can either drag and drop it onto the content page or by copying and pasting the image URL into the href element.
  6. There are lot other tools in the editor using which you can design your content. One is using the source button to paste the HTML code instead of creating the whole content using the editor tools.


  7. One of the major components of the editor is tags. We have embedded campaign tags, contact tags, other tags, dynamic tags (need to create dynamic areas first) and table tags (needs activation and then tables should be created).

    content tags

    Check the content tags section for the detailed explanation of the tags.

    Once the content is created, you can select either “Default footer” or “Custom footer” seen at the bottom. Then click on save.

    Content default footer

  8. Pull From URL is the another feature by which you can pull the source code from an existing website URL or a page, which in turn will create similar content in Maropost. Click on this option and it will open a new page.

    pull from URL

  9. Enter a name and type/paste the URL link. It will show the preview of the content in the rectangular box below.
  10. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to select either “Default footer” or “Custom footer” or “No footer”. Also, if needed, you can click on “Add text content” to create a text part of the content only.

    Footer selection in contentOnce done, click on save.

    NOTE: Content must have an address tag: {{campaign.address}} and an unsubscribe link tag using {{campaign.unsubscribe_link}} or {{campaign.unsubscribe_url}} or {{campaign.one_click_unsub_url}} in case you are selecting “No footer” or if the “Custom footer” selected in the drop-down does not have necessary tags so as to ensure that you will adhere to unsubscribe and identification requirements as outlined in our anti-spam policy.

    These items are also required by anti-spam legislations like CASL and CAN- SPAM.

  11. When you select “default footer” it will show the default footer at the bottom of the content.
  12. If you want to use customize footer, then select “Custom footer” from the drop-down. Next to it, you will be able to select a custom footer from another drop-down. You can also edit the custom footer or create a new custom footer on the content page itself rather than going through the footer management.

    footer manage

    Click here to know more about “Footer Management”.