Image library is used to store all the images used in your contents. You can simply add images or create multiple folders and then add images into the folders. Folders are just to organize images for ease of access.

In order to access the image library, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Hover the cursor to the (M) logo and then click on “Email” from the drop-down.


  2. Now click on “Content” The content index page will open.
  3. Hover the cursor back to the “Contents” menu and then click on “Image Library”.

    Image Library

  4. Image library will open now. You will be able to see all the images and image folders on this page. In order to check the images inside a folder, double click on the folder.


  5. To go back to the previous page, double click on “Back” folder button.

    Folder back

  6. To create a new folder, kindly hover the cursor to the “Content” and then click on “New Folder”. Enter a name and click on “Save”.

    NEw folder

  7. To add images into the folder, kindly hover the cursor to the “Content” and then click on Add Image”.

    Add Image

    A pop-up will open. Click on “Choose File” and then select the image from your machine. To add multiple images, kindly click on “Add Image” button the pop-up.

    Add image pou-up

    Once the images are selected, kindly click on “Save”.

  8. In order to delete a folder, kindly click on the (X) button that shows up when you hover the cursor on the folder.

    Delete folder

  9. Same way you can edit the folder name by clicking on the tool symbol which appears when you hover the cursor on the folder.

    Edit folder

  10. You can organize your images by dragging and dropping them into the folders. You can also create folders inside folder(s) as well as drag and drop folders into folder(s).

    All images uploaded in Maropost are given a unique URL which can be used to place the them in the editor page or use in the source. To find this URL, kindly hover the cursor on the image and then click on (i) sign.

    Image link