A report or account is any informational work (usually of writing, speech, television, or film) made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form.

Kindly hover the cursor to the (M) logo and click on “Analytics”Analytics


Kindly hover the cursor to the (M) logo and click on “Email” in the drop down.


Now click on the Reports and the report index page will appear.


Right next to the Analytics we have the different tabs

  1. Email
  2. Mobile
  3. Social
  4. Web
  5. Automation
  6. Custom

In the Email Reports we have four kinds of the Reports.


  • Campaign Reports:- In the Campaign report , it includes the no. of Sent, Delivered, Opens, Clicks and bounces n sent date of the campaign.

—       Date range:-This will include the date range that can be selected to see the campaign between those dates.

—       Pagination:- this helps in going to different pages to check the campaigns along with the created date.

 —      URL change:- It is used for the pagination to change the page in the URL itself for Example:- and if we change the page=2 to page=3 it will show the third page along with the campaigns.

Campaign report page explanation

  • In the “User Engagement graph”, you can click on the different options, which will provide you the contacts that have either opened the campaign or clicked the campaign. It will also provide the result for the complaints and Unsubscribed. Once you see all the contacts, you will have the option to click on the contacts that will take you to the Contact show page.

campaign report1

  • In the “Delivery graph”, it gives you the count about the Campaign in the form of Delivered or Bounces. When we click on the Delivered count it will give all the emails with the Sent at time. Also when you click on any Contact, it will take you to the Contact show page.

campaign report 2

  • In the “Email Open by Language” graph it will give the count of the campaign been checked in different languages.

campaign report 3

  • In the “Email Opens by Device” graph, It shows the count and the percentage of the campaign opened. The devices includes Such as Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.

campaign report 4

  • OVERLAY:- provides the Preview of the content that is been sent in the campaign.
  • ISP:-provides the report on the Email Domain Performance. It gives the count on the emails sent on different domains present in the list.
  • INBOX:- coming soon
  • DETAILS:- Provides lots of information regarding the campaign.
    • Details :- Include the ID of the campaign along with name and Subject of the campaign. It also has the From , reply to emails and Status of the campaign. It gives us the information on Language and modified and created date along with Scheduled and Sent date.
    • Lists :- includes the list name along with the contacts count. Also it gives the option to view the contacts in the list.
    • Segments:- includes the segment name along with the contacts count.
    • Tables:-
    • Settings:- include the options such as “Send time Optimisation” , “One time”, “Email Preview link” and “Suppress Workflows”.
  • A/B Campaign Reports:- In the A/B Campaign Report, it includes the no. of Sent, Delivered, Opens, Clicks and bounces in the campaign.

A/B campaign is basically decided on any of the Four criteria

  • Top Choices
  • Highest Open Rate
  • Highest Click Rate
  • Manual Selection

In the Example below we have used the Manual Selection criteria.

In this we can manually select the winner group and send the campaign to rest of the contacts.

ab campaign

ab campaign 2

The above report shows the comparison between the Delivered vs Clicks.

ab campaign 3

The above image shows gives the report of the a/b campaign by 3 different groups .

  • Test Campaign Reports:- The test campaigns show same reports as the Campaign reports . The only difference between them is that the test campaign cannot be sent to more then 20 contacts.
  • Year-to-date Reports:- In the YTD reports , it can fetch a one year report for the campaign(s).

YTD report

Once we click on the “Show” option under the Action Column we get the information regarding the total and unique no. Of email sent along with opens, clicks and Unsubscribes.

YTD report2

The Mobile and Social Reports are still under progress.


In the Web Reports we have one kind of Report

  • Website Reports:- these reports include the web tracking of the website using the 3 different scripts where it calculates the following options.
  • Pages
  • Opens
  • Unique Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unique Clicks


In the Automation Reports we have one kind of Report

  • Workflow Reports


In the Custom Reports we have two kinds of Report

  • Create a Custom Report
  • Custom Reports


Steps for Creating the Custom Report

  • Hover over the M logo and Click on Emails.
  • Click on the Reports and hover over the Custom section and Click on “ Create Custom Reports”.
  • In Step 1 we have to create a “New Report name” and select the Date range for the Custom Reports.
  • After that we need to select the Campaign(s) and List(s) and Click on the Next button.


  • In the Step 2 we can create rules to customize the Report.
  • After the rules are created, click on the Next button.


  • In the Step 3 we can either “Email the Report” or “Generated Report File type” to get the reports.
  • In case of “Email the Report” a email address is required along with the Subject for the email to be sent.
  • In case of the “Generated Report File type” there are options available such as
    • Comma Separated List (.csv)
    • Excel Spread Sheet (.xls)
    • PDF document (.pdf)
    • Detailed Excel 2012 Sheet (.xlsx)


  • In Step 4 the reports can be generated once only or “Breakup Reports by Days”.
  • There is also an option for Recurring Reports but there is a condition to enter the Email address in Step 3 for the same.