An action is a process which is performed in the Maropost App like sending an email, changing subscripton, ending a workflow etc.

There are multiple actions in Maropost. Using specific action, you can achieve your goal.


Types of actions and their working are explained below:

  1. Send Email: This element is just like a new campaign page.


    when you double click on this element, a pop-up will open. Fill in the name, subject, preheader (optional), from name, from email, reply to email.

    Send email inside

    Then select the content from the drop-down. Below the drop-down, there is a check box for “preview link”. If you do not wish to see “If you are having trouble viewing this email, click here” on top of the emails, then uncheck this option.

    If you have brands feature activated in your account, then you can also select brands in this element.

    Once you save this element and re-opens it again, you will notice a “Report” button at the right bottom corner. By clicking on this button, you will have access to the send email reporting.

    Detach button disconnects the send email from the next element and “Remove” button will remove the send email element from the workflow builder page.

  2. HTTP POST: This element sends an API call that contains the following data to the URL mentioned in this trigger:data = {:subscriptions => ListSubscription.where(:account_id => contact.account_id, :contact_id =>{|ls| {:list_id => ls.list_id, :list =>, :status => ls.status_msg} },
    :contact => contact.get_attributes_hash, :workflow =>, :workflow_id. => self.workflow_id} where contact attributes are default and custom fields => self.workflow_id} where contact attributes are default and custom fields.


    HTTP trigger

    In order to set it up, double click on this element and then enter the POST URL. Select the format (JSON or XML) and then save.

    HTTP POST Inside

  3. Trigger Workflow: This element allows you to trigger a different workflow within the current workflow or passaging contacts from one workflow to another. We can use this trigger to loop contacts in workflows as well.

    trigger workflow


    When you open this element, you will see all the existing workflows and their corresponding triggers listed. A workflow can have multiple triggers so you may find multiple options in the drop-down selection on the right side. If a workflow trigger is missing, then you will see “No trigger found” graded out in front of the workflow name.

    Trigger workflow inside

  4. End Workflow: This element is used to end a workflow sequence but not the complete workflow. To end a workflow completely, you will need to attach an “End” element.

    end workflow

    You can select a single or multiple workflows in this action.

    End workflow inside

  5. Change Contact Field: Using this action, we can change contact field (default or custom).

    change subscription action

    So when a contact will reach this action, his/her contact field will be changed to what is Set in this action.

    Change Field

    Multiple selections can not be done in a single “Change contact field” action.

  6. Change Table Field: This action allows you to change the table field for a contact in a table.

    Change table field

    So when a contact reaches this action, his field selected in the action will be changed to what is stored in the box.

    Change table field inside
    A single selection of the field is allowed in this action. As shown in the screenshot above, “Jagdeep.iD” is the table field selected where “Jagdeep” is the table and “iD” is the table field.

  7. Change Subscription: Like the name suggests, using this action, you can change the subscription of a contact to subscribed or unsubscribed.

    Change Sub action

    This action allows you to select multiple lists and change their status to either “Subscribed” or “Unsubscribed” using the drop-down selection box.

    Change sub action inside

    Note: If a contact is not present in the list selected in this action and you have selected “Unsubscribed” from the drop-down, then it will be added as “Unsubscribed” to the list. Same happens when it is set to subscribe. However, if you are already in the list, then it will only change the subscription as set in the action drop-down.

  8. Change Tag: This action allows you to change contact tags (add and remove).

    Change tags

    Towards the left side, you can select the tags to which a contact should be added to and at the same time select tags on the right from which a contact should be removed if it’s present in the tag already.

    Change tag inside

    It’s not mandatory to select both options. you can select either add tags or remove tags. Multiple selection is allowed.