Footer management is used to design custom footers for the emails. In this feature, you may use your own preference pages i.e. Manage subscription, Edit Profile, Report Spam, 1-Click Unsubscribe and Thank you pages of the preference pages. You will find the Footer Management option by following steps:-

1. Hover the cursor to M logo and click on Email.

Footer Management 1

2. Hover your cursor to Content tab and click on Footer Management.

Footer Management 2

3. Now you are on Footer management list page where you will see already created custom footers. There are four options under the name of a footer which are explained below:

a. Preview-  As the name suggests, it is used to check the preview of the footer.

b. Edit – With this option you may edit the footer.

c. Delete – It is used to delete the footer.

d. Set as Default – If you select this option then the footer will be set as a default footer and this footer will be sent along with all emails.

Footer Management 3

4. If you want to create a new custom footer then please hover the cursor to Contents tab at the top and click on New footer.

Footer Management 4

5. Here you can design the footer according to your needs. First enter the name of the footer.

6. Then you can use the editor to design a footer or you can also paste the HTML code after clicking on Source.

7. If you want to use your own custom preference pages then you can select the pages by clicking on the drop down under the editor.

8. In case you don’t have any custom preference pages then you can select the default preference pages.

Footer Management 5.

9. In the end click on Save footer and new custom footer will be saved in the account.