Delay elements allows you to keep a contact stationary in a workflow for the amount of time set in the element. Once the delay gets over, the contact will move to the next element in the workflow.

There are 2 types of delays in the workflows:

  1. Delay: Using this element, you can set delay for minutes, hours, days and months.


    So lets say you set 5 minutes delay in this element. When the contact reaches this element, it will stay for 5 minutes and then will continue its journey in the workflow.

    Delay Inside

  2. Delay Until: This element has multiple delay set functions which you can use depending upon your requirement.

    Delay until

    Following are the 3 types of delay we can set in this element:

    (i) Date and Time: Under this option, you can select date, month, year and time.

    Delay until (date and time)

    (ii) Rolling Delay: This delay lets you select a day of the week or everyday and time. So when a contact will come into the delay, he/she will remain in the delay element till the selected date and time.

    Rolling delay

    As shown in the screenshot above, we can select everyday or any day of a week along with the time.

    (iii) Event Delay: This delay works on the custom field (date-time) only. You can set appropriate days and hours before or after the custom field selected.

    event delay

    The latest selected option will run in the delay until when you open it again. So if you choose a time frame under date and time and then you also select a range under rolling delaya and save it, then only rolling delay will work.