There are few important things you shoud remember while working in workflows:

  1. You can not remove/delete delay elements when it contains active contacts.Contact in delay

    As shown in the screenshot above, there is one contact in this element so we can not remove it. Usually, in every element you have remove button which disappears from delay element when there are active contacts in it.

  2. In order to save a workflow, kindly make sure that all the elements are connected. “End” element is mandatory to attach last in the sequence.If there is no “End” element, you will get an error while saving the workflow.

    Unable to save workflow

  3. Also, if you have connected all the element and but forgot to select data in any one of them, it will not save. It will mark the element in red box and will throw an error.Element info missing

    To correct this, double click on the element and select appropriate information and then click on “Save Workflow”.

  4. By default, when you create a new workflow, its enabled. So uncheck this option in order to avoid triggering workflow to contacts mistakenly.Enabled
  5. There have been scenarios where our clients complained that the workflow did not trigger when they imported contacts into a list selected in the “New Subscription” trigger. In most of the cases, they forgot to uncheck the “Do not trigger workflow campaigns” option on the mapping page.Do not trigger WC
  6. So when you want to trigger workflows to all the contacts who are being imported to a list, do make sure to uncheck this option. Also make sure that the workflow is enabled at the point of importing contacts into the list.
  7. You can not delete a workflow if it has more than 10 contacts in it. Our system will throw an error “ERROR! Unable to delete workflow as there are more than 10 contacts present in it.
  8. The delay of each step is calculated from its previous step. So for example if you want a workflow to send one campaign daily, then the delay should be set to 1 day in every delay element.
  9. Unprocessable entity error or while saving the workflow. This error comes if there are no ips assigned to your account.
  10. Validation failed: ERROR! No ip addresses available for this account. This error also comes when there are no ips assigned to an account.