Contact are the email addresses or leads to whom we send emails. There are 7 ways through which a contact can enter into Maropost, they are:

  1. Import
  2. Adding Manually
  3. FTP Import
  4. Forms
  5. API
  6. Carts
  7. Infusionsoft
    Following are the tabs that will appear when you navigate to the contacts menu tab:
  1. Field: By default, we have 5 fields in every Maropost account. Apart from the default fields, you may create custom fields as well. To know more about fields and how to create them, kindly click here. 
  2. Tag: Tags are different from fields. A field is created for the whole account and gets associated with every new contact which is added after it was created whereas in tags, you can add and remove contacts based on the requirements.
  3. New Lists: You can create a new list and add contacts to it. Also, you can select carts, add products, select brands etc.
  4. Tables: You can create new tables add columns to it and later import contacts to it.
  5. SQL queries: With the help of sql queries you have more options to filter the contacts and send them emails.
  6. Preference Management: You can create custom pages like Manage subscription, Edit profile, 1-click unsubscribe, Report spam, Thank you page.
  7. Brands: You can click on this and see the reporting or brands, create a new brand etc.