Under “Web”, you can access the forms, surveys, web tracking and landing pages (in progress) and use them per your requirement. The forms can be used on your website, pages to collect leads into Maropost. Surveys are still worked upon though you can check the basic function of how they work. In order to access the features covered under “Web”, Kindly hover the cursor on (M) logo and click on Web. The following will be displayed below:

  1. Landing pages: In Progress.
  2. Web tracking: With the help of web tracking we can track the user activity on the website. We offer 3 java scripts which you can add to the headers/page code.
  3. Forms: You can create forms at Maropost and css to it, if required. You can also host the forms on your website or at Maropost. Whomsoever fills in the form is added to the list and later we can send workflow to them.
  4. Surveys: You can create surveys at Maropost and keep a closing date. Later you can view the reports of the survey.