The Automation menu includes two features for automated email marketing, Journeys and Data Journeys. Both features present a “flowchart” view of your automated process complete with drag-and-drop controls for triggers, actions, filters, and delays.


Journeys presents a schematic for sending automated messages to individual contacts. Use the triggers to define the rules by which a contact enters a Journey. Actions define what should be done for the contact inside the Journey.  An email message can be sent, the contact’s profile can be updated, a contact tag can be assigned, or the subscription status of a list can be changed. Filters enable you to add branching logic to the Journey. You can do A|B testing, or set up different branches depending upon which segment the contact belongs to. Delays are used to inject pauses to the Journey. The most common use of Delays is for onboarding series in which you want to send a series of emails to the contact, but put a pause in between each email.

Data Journeys

Data Journeys also present a schematic for automation.  But whereas Journeys are for individual contacts, Data Journeys are for management of bulk data. Triggers define when an action on bulk data should be initiated.  Actions define the different actions upon the bulk data.  A list can be imported or exported, a SQL Query can be executed, or a campaign can be sent to a group of contacts.