A filter is ‘pass-through’ code that takes input data, makes a specific decision about it and the possible transformation of it, and then passes it on to another program. Usually, a filter has no input/output operation on its own, and it depends upon an input from another source.

In Data Journeys, you can use triggers or actions as the input source for the filters. A/B split and %split are used to create multiple groups to distribute contacts.

Note: These are filters for Data Journeys, for campaign workflow filters click here.


This element allows you to split into a group of minimum 10% and maximum 50%.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.47.15 PM

There are pre-defined percentage selections in this filter; 10, 20, 25, and 50. You can not set percentage manually in this element.

%split inside

A|B Split

This element allows you to create groups and assign percentages manually. Unlike ‘% Split’, you can add groups and can assign minimum 1% in this element.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.47.00 PM


To view the details, double click on the element. Then, click on ‘Add Group’. Give names to the groups and assigns appropriate %. The (X) button removes the group.