Delay widgets allow you to keep a contact “suspended” in a Journey for the amount of time set in the element. Once the delay has passed, the contact will move to the next element in the Journey.

Note: These are delays for campaign Journeys, for data Journey delays click here.

  1. Delay
  2. Delay Until


Using this element, you can delay the next action for minutes, hours, days and months.


Example: You set a 30 minute delay in this element. When the contact reaches this element, it will delay for 30 minutes and then will continue the journey in the workflow.

Delay Inside

NOTE: Delays are normally meant for longer periods of time (e.g. days, hours).  Sometimes for testing purposes you may want to set the delay to a shorter duration. A delay of 15 minutes is the minimum recommended period in this case.

Delay Until

This element has multiple delay functions.

Delay until

  • Date and Time: You can select a day, month, year and time.
    Delay until (date and time)
  • Rolling Delay: You can select a day of the week, or every day, and a time. When a contact reaches the delay, they will remain in the delay element until the selected date and time.
    Rolling delay
  • Event Delay: Works with custom field ‘Datetime’ only. You can set appropriate days and hours before or after the custom field is selected.


event delay

The latest selected option will run in the delay until you open it again. If you choose a time frame under ‘Date & Time’ and select a range under ‘Rolling Delay’ and save it, only ‘Rolling Delay’ will work.