A trigger is an element which is required to start a Journey. Through a trigger, a contact will enter the Journey and will experience the rest of the elements depending upon the construction of the Journey.

You may have multiple triggers starting a Journey.  However, be aware that the more triggers you have, the more difficult it will be to know which trigger enabled a contact to enter the Journey.

Note: These are triggers for campaign journeys, for data journey triggers click here.

  1. New Subscription
  2. Campaign Opened
  3. Link Clicked
  4. Product Purchased
  5. Total Revenue
  6. Form Event
  7. API Event
  8. Segment Event
  9. Contact Field Updated
  10. Table Field Updated
  11. Subscription Changed
  12. Tag Event
  13. Web Page Event

New Subscription

This trigger initiates when a new subscriber is added to the list selected in the trigger. It allows you to select multiple lists so that you can trigger the Journey to all the contacts that are subscribing to different lists as the same time.

new sub icon

*In order to bring an element to the canvas, click on the element and it will pop-up on the center of the canvas. You can then drag it anywhere along the dimension of the canvas.*
**Double click on an element to check what’s inside.**

New subscription

Detach: Disconnects the node connected to the next element.
Remove: Removes the element from the Journey builder page.

Double click on the trigger widget to see the number of contacts who entered the Journey from this trigger, located in the top-right of the pop-up. This option is clickable, which will display the details of the contacts in this Journey.Contacts in Trigger

Campaign Opened

This trigger initiates when someone opens a campaign that was selected in this trigger. This trigger will start a Journey based on campaign opens.

Camp Trigger

**You can add multiple campaign ID’s into this trigger using comma separation.**

Facebook ads

Link Clicked

With this trigger, you can start a Journey when someone clicks on a link sent by you through a normal campaign, A/B campaign, or Journey campaign.

link clicked

You will need to enter the link into the box when you open the trigger.

Link Clicked trigger inside

**If you click ‘Trigger for any links clicked’, then the Journey will trigger for any contact who is clicking on any link from all of your sent normal campaigns, A/B campaigns, or Journey campaigns at any point.**

Product Purchased

This trigger will start the Journey for contacts who are purchasing a single or multiple products, depending upon your selection in the trigger.

Product purchased trigger

This trigger shows all the products that are stored in your account. These product details are fetched from cart integration in your account. Also, using ‘Product and Revenue’ tool, you can create products and orders in your account.

Product purchased inside

If you click ‘Trigger for all products’, it will trigger the Journey for all the contacts who are purchasing products and being added to your Maropost Account.

Total Revenue

This trigger is initiated when a contact’s revenue equals to what is set in the trigger. E.g. You set $10, so when a contact’s total revenue reaches $10, this trigger will add that contact into the Journey.

Total Revenue

Revenue Generated inside

Form Event

This trigger allows you to select the forms created in Maropost. When a subscriber fills the form selected in this trigger, they will get added to the Journey.

form event

You can select multiple forms in this trigger. It works instantly, so it initiates the Journey as soon as a subscriber fills a form successfully.

Form event inside

API Event

This trigger can add a contact to a Journey by making a POST API call.


You can use contact ID, email address, or the table value in order to trigger the Journey for a contact. The method is ‘POST’. To view the POST calls necessary to initiate this trigger, double click on the widget.

API Event inside

Segment Event

This trigger is based on segments. Segments are created using a set of  conditions and rules.

segment event 1

**This trigger is not instantaneous. You will need to select time frame for it to work. Only one segment can be selected in this trigger.**

Segment Event

Contact Field Updated

This trigger contains all the default and custom fields created in your account. This trigger initiates when any of the selected fields are changed for a contact.

contact field updated

You can select multiple fields in this trigger. The trigger initializes immediately.

Contact field updated 1

Table Field Updated

This trigger is related to the relational tables and their fields.

Table trigger

Record Updated

Select the relational table and the column(s) in the table.  A contact will enter the Journey when the column(s) in the table is(are) updated and the record is linked to the contact.


IMPORTANT: This Journey trigger will ONLY work when the contact’s table field is updated through the Maropost platform or the API. Table field updates made by external applications will NOT activate this trigger.

Record Created

Select the relational table(s) from the list. If a record is created in the table for a given contact, then that contact will enter the Journey.  Only relational tables that are directly linked to a contact (i.e. includes an Email column marked “Sendable”) are included in this list.

Subscription Changed

This trigger initiates when a subscription of a contact changes (e.g. from unsubscribed to subscribed).

Sub changed trigger

You can select multiple lists in this trigger. When a contact’s subscription changes from unsubscribed to subscribed in a list, the Journey will trigger.

Sub changed

Tag Event

This trigger initiates when a contact gets added or removed from a tag.

Tag Event

In this trigger, you can select 2 functions at the same time. If someone gets added to a tag or if someone is removed from a tag.

Tag inside

**You can use multiple triggers in the same Journey, but it’s not recommended because there are a few challenges associated with using multiple triggers in one Journey.**

Web Page Event

This trigger initiates when a contact visits a page on your web site, or clicks a link on your web site.

**This trigger requires you to have implemented Maropost’s web tracking on your site.**


There are three tabs that enable you to define the on-site event that initiates this trigger.


  • Page Views – A contact will enter the Journey as soon as it views the page specified by this URL.
    • The URL must be for a page that is tracked by the Maropost web tracking script.
    • You must enter the fully qualified URL of the web page as it is recorded by the Maropost web tracking script.
    • By default, the Maropost web tracking script records the domain and path of the web page.  It does not record query string parameters appended to the page URL.
    • If your web developer is overriding the default page URL, then you must enter the page URL according to overridden URL.
  • Link Clicks – A contact will enter the Journey as soon as it clicks a link specified by this URL.
    • The URL must be for a link on a page that is tracked by the Maropost web tracking script.
    • The web page corresponding to the link URL does *not* have to be tracked by the Maropost web tracking script.
  • Web Funnel – A contact will enter the Journey depending upon when it completes, abandons, or recovers a web funnel. Use this trigger to send remarketing emails to contacts who abandon a funnel (e.g. abandoned a shopping cart, didn’t complete a membership profile form, didn’t finish a questionnaire or survey, etc.)