Maropost has very advanced analytic features that can be used to generate a variety of default and custom reports. These reports can give you valuable insight on how your campaigns are performing, the results of your A|B split tests, how contacts are engaging with your sent campaigns, as well as other important information.

Campaign Reports

Campaign reports include the delivery and response information for any given campaign. It allows you to see an overview of the responses, a visual overlay of clicks within the email content, a breakdown of responses per ISP based on the email addresses of the recipients, and a drill-down report to the contacts who responded to the campaign.


A|B Campaign Reports

A|B Campaign reports show the delivery and response data for each group of the A|B test as well as those of the final campaign sent based on the “winning” criteria.


Test Campaign Reports

Test campaign reports show the same information as the Campaign Reports. The main difference between them is that the test campaign cannot be sent to more then 20 contacts.

Website Reports

Web reports are displayed only if you are using Maropost Marketing Cloud’s Web Tracking feature.  These reports show you detail on web pages that have been viewed and how many times they have been viewed.  The report also includes drill-down reports showing which contacts have viewed which pages and how many times they have viewed them.

Automation Reports

Automation reports give you detailed information on how a particular Journey is performing.

Custom Reports

Custom reports enables you to select which campaigns you want to include in a single summary report.  You have the option to filter the data to be included in the custom report if you want to focus on a narrower audience than those included in the original target audiences.  You can also set the option to have the report sent to any number of email addresses and also to have the report generated on a recurring basis.