What is an A/B Campaign?

An A/B campaign (also known as a ‘split test campaign’) is a method used to test which campaign your contacts are the most receptive to, or most engaged with. In other words, it’s a way to test which campaign is the most effective to increase engagement of your contacts, in terms of clicks or opens. You can choose what you want to test (content, subject, from name) and compare the results, as even marginal improvements in drop-off rates can represent a significant gain in sales.

To create a new A/B Campaign, please follow these steps:

1. Hover your cursor over the Maropost logo and click on ‘Email’. This will bring you to the campaign index page, showing all previously created campaigns.

2. Hover over ‘Campaigns’ and click on ‘New A/B Campaign’. Three steps for A/B  campaign creation will appear.

A:B campaign first page

3. Enter the A/B campaign details; name, from email, reply to email. Select the target group(s) from the given options; lists, segments, suppress lists, suppress segments, suppress workflows.

4. In step 2, you will be given options to select the details of your test. You MUST fill in all fields for split groups, and two or more groups are required for an A/B split test to be sent. You can select different content, subjects, from names, pre-headers and send at times for all different groups. Allocate a percentage to each group, the sum of percentage allocations should not exceed 100%.

**If the allocated percentages add up to 100%, there will be NO winner group. The percentage you don’t allocate to split groups will be automatically allocated to the winner group (e.g. you only send to 70% of the lists, the remaining 30% will be sent the winning campaign). You can also set a schedule for when the winning campaign will be sent.**

A:B step 2

Select winning criteria from four options:

Top Choices: Selects the subject line and from name based on the highest open rate and the content based on the highest click rate for the final campaign.
Highest Open Rate: Selects everything based on the highest open rate for the final campaign.
Highest Click Rate: Selects everything based on the highest click rate for the final campaign.
Manual: Lets you select everything after viewing the reports for the final campaign.

5. Select the ‘Send at’ time to schedule when the winner should be sent. You should schedule the winner to be sent at a minimum of one hour after the date and time the last test group is sent.

6. An A/B campaign can be saved as a draft, and you also have the option to send as a test, which will be sent to a random 20 contacts from selected lists.