What is a contact and how are they added to your account?

The information, including the names, emails, location etc. of individuals that you intend to send campaigns to are what makes up a ‘Contact’. There are seven ways that a contact can enter into Maropost:

  • Import
  • Adding Manually
  • FTP Import
  • Forms
  • API
  • Carts
  • Integrations

There are seven tabs that are imperative to organizing your contact data:

Field: By default, we have 5 fields in every Maropost account, with the option to create as many custom fields as you wish.

Tag: Tags are different from fields. A field is created for the whole account, while a tag is another way to organize your contact data. Tags can be added and removed to an individual contact.

New Lists: You can create a new list and add/import contacts into it. You also have the option to integrate a cart, brand, or product with a contact list.

Tables: You can create new tables add columns to it and later import contacts into it.

SQL queries: With the help of SQL queries you have more options to filter the contacts and send them emails.

Preference Management: You can create custom pages for a variety of situations; manage subscription, edit profile, 1-click unsubscribe, report spam, thank you page.

Brands: You can create new brands within your account, associate contact lists with a brand, and see the reports from a particular brand.