A list is required to store contacts and their details to be used in future campaigns, segments, and workflows. There is no limit to a number of lists allowed for an account., and there is no limit on how many contacts are allowed in a list.

Options below contact list name:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.20.15 PM

Export: This allows you to export all the contacts from that list. When clicked, it will start exporting contacts and its progress can be tracked from the notification bell along the top of the screen.

This allows you to import contacts into that list. When clicked, you will be shown a pop-up box where you can select different options for importing a list. There are 3 options; file import, FTP import, automatic import. 

Contacts: Click on this option to view the contacts in a particular list. This option will display all the contact emails, first name, last name, created at, updated at, status, click rate, open rate and option to edit the contacts or delete the contact.

Satuses 1

Status: filter shows the current status of the contacts in the list. This option allows you to edit the status of a contact manually (e.g change from subscribed to unsubscribed).
Email: This is clickable. Clicking on a contact email will open an individual contact show page.

Edit: Click on edit below the list name to modify the list details.

Delete: Click on delete to remove the list. **Not recommended, since doing this could cause reporting issues.**

Refresh: Click on refresh to see the latest count of contacts per their status (active, unsubscribes, soft-bounces, hard bounces) on the right side.

Details included on a contact show page:

Contact show page

Default/Custom fields: This shows the default fields, custom field, and values.
Global Unsubscribe list: This shows if a contact is present in the global unsubscribe list.
Lists: This shows all the list subscriptions for a particular contact.
Tags: This shows all the tags in which that particular contact is present. We can add or delete a contact from a tag using the edit option. Tags are also clickable.
Workflows: This shows all the workflows, current status (active, paused, finished), starting date of a journey in a workflow, and an option to ‘End Workflow’. All workflows names are clickable on this page. When clicked, it will open the workflow builder.
Latest campaigns: This shows the last 5 campaigns sent, their status (delivered, opened, bounced), and sent date. These are clickable. Clicking it will open a campaign report page.
Contact report graph: This displays the opens, clicks, bounces and sends in a graphical representation.
Product and revenue: This shows the total orders, as well as total revenue, total product purchased, and total items purchased.
Latest orders: This shows ID, grand total, original order ID, products purchased, and order status.
Statistics: This shows total sends, opens, clicks, bounces and complaints.

The click rate and open rate values on a contact list details page are clickable.

Click rate will open a new page and shows all the URLs, browsers, and recorded at data for a contact.

Click rate

Open rate will show browser and recorded at details.

open rate