Report Spam

According to the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL), it requires that you include a few pieces of information in each campaign you send:

  • Your name and/or company name
  • Physical mailing address
  • Contact information
  • An unsubscribe mechanism

Reporting spam is a part of the ‘Unsubscribe Mechanism’ that a user can use to file a complaint / abuse if they receive any unwanted emails. This adds a user to the ‘Do not mail list’ of an account and the status of the contacts becomes ‘Complained’.

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If a contact gets added to ‘Do not mail list’, then they will not receive any further communication from that account until the contact email is removed from this list. In order to create a custom ‘Report Spam’ page.

To create a custom Report Spam page, please follow these steps:

1. Hover the cursor to the ‘Contacts’ tab and click on ‘New Preference Page’.

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2. Give an appropriate name and select ‘Report Spam’ under page type.

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3. Design your page using the editor tools or by pasting the HTML in the source.

*This page must have {{report_spam.form}}, this tag will be replaced with the form where a contact can confirm whether to report spam or not.
**You can check the conversion of this tag, by saving the page and clicking on the Preview link below the page name.

4. At the bottom of the page, there is an option to ‘redirect the contact to a thank you page after the form is submitted’. You can use a default or a customized thank you page, which is explained under the ‘thank you page’ tab.
5. Click on ‘Save page’ and it will redirect to the ‘Preference index’ page.
6. You can preview the page by clicking on the ‘Preview’ link below the page name.