Contact tags are used if you want to include personalization like first name, last name, email address, phone, fax etc. in an email.

Contact tags can be used in subject lines, content within the email body, and even within URLs.

The following Contact tags are available by default:

  1. {{}
  2. {{}}
  3. {{contact.first_name}}
  4. {{contact.last_name}}
  5. {{}}
  6. {{contact.fax}}

The {{}} tag represents the internal identifier that the Maropost platform assigns to every contact in the system.


Remember that you can set the default value for the ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ fields on the field index page. This will add these values for the contacts that have no first name or last name present. This is useful while using {{contact.first_name}} and {{contact.last_name}} tags in content or the subject line of campaigns since it will be replaced by the default value stored in these two fields.