Coupon tags are used if you want to include a unique coupon code from your Coupon Bank in an email.

You can use more than one coupon tag in the body of your email.  Each tag represents unique coupon codes coming from its own Coupon Bank.  You can use the coupon tag in the body of the email as well as in a query string parameter to any link in your email.

You must first create a Coupon Bank, and upload coupon codes into it.  At runtime when the emails are being created, Maropost Marketing Cloud will automatically insert a unique coupon code into the body of the email.

NOTE:  Coupon codes will be inserted into the email only when the email is being sent.  Codes are not inserted if you are running a Render Report or sending a test campaign using the “Send Test” button.  This omission is intentional so that you don’t run through your coupon codes while testing the rendering of your emails.

If you want to verify that your coupon codes are being properly inserted into your emails, then simply target the campaign to a test list, and schedule it as a Priority Send campaign.