The Coupon Bank stores coupon codes that will be automatically inserted into email campaigns at runtime when the emails for the campaign are being created and sent.

The coupon codes themselves are typically generated and exported from your commerce platform.  You will then upload them directly into Maropost from your desktop or via the Start Import action item in Data Journeys.

Once you’ve created the Coupon Bank, you will be able to have Maropost Marketing Cloud dynamically insert each unique coupon code into the body of an email by using the Coupon Code tag.  When you send your next promotional email, each of your contacts receive their own unique coupon code. It’s a great way to track customer loyalty.  At time of purchase, pass back into Maropost Marketing Cloud coupon code redemptions with product orders so that you can remarket to your contacts based on who has redeemed your coupons and who hasn’t.

To create a coupon bank, please follow these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over the Maropost logo, and click ‘Email’.


  1. Then hover your cursor over the ‘Content’ menu, and click on ‘Coupon Banks’, which will open the coupon bank index page.
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon located at the top right side of the menu bar and select ‘New Coupon Bank’.

    • Coupon Bank name – the name of this coupon bank
    • Description (optional)
    • Coupon Tag – the value you enter here is the coupon tag used to within an email content
    • Alert Threshold – triggers an alert email when the number of unassigned codes in the coupon bank falls below this threshold
    • Alert Recipients  – the email addresses of those who will receive the Alert Threshold alert email
    • Default Coupon Code – a static coupon code that will be inserted into the body of the email in the event that the Coupon Bank runs out in the middle of a campaign send

To import a coupon bank, please follow these steps:

  1. While on the coupon bank index page, you’ll notice multiple options below a contact list; import, export, coupon codes, edit and refresh counts.
  2. Click ‘Import’. There are two different ways to import contacts into a list, which are described below:

File Import: Choose your .csv file from your computer to upload contacts to a list. Enter the column name or column number of the column containing encrypted email addresses. Select whether to append these codes to the existing unassigned codes or remove the unassigned codes prior to uploading the new bank of coupon codes. There is no file size limit for file import.

FTP Import: After setting up your FTP imports (click here for details), you can select this option to upload coupon codes to a bank using our FTP server. There is no file size limit for FTP upload.


3. Click ‘Upload’. You can track the progress of the import from the bell logo along the top of the page.

**You can also set a Data Journey to import coupon codes into a Coupon Bank.**