A new feature within the Maropost app gives you the ability to include web analytic tracking parameters in your content. The purpose of this feature is to give you the option to track how your contacts interact with your content, and which aspects of the content that they engage with the most.

Normally when you need to append web analytic tracking parameters to your email links, you have to create the links and then append them by hand to each and every link you want to track. Not anymore.

Inside the Maropost Marketing Cloud email editor, you now have the ability to create those parameters once, then auto-append them to every non-Maropost Marketing Cloud link in your content. 

To add analytic tracking parameters to your content, please follow these steps:

1. Hover your cursor over the Maropost logo, and click ‘Email’.


2. Hover your cursor over ‘Content’ and click ‘New Content’.

3. There are 4 tabs along the top of the content editor; content, footer, plain text, and advanced. Click on ‘advanced’ to view the web analytic tracking parameters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.24.23 PM

4. There are a few rules to remember when adding tracking parameters to your content:

(i) You must include information in both text boxes. The ‘Name’ field is for your tracking parameter, and the right side is the identifiers (name, email, personalization tag, etc.)
(ii) Your tracking parameters can be static or dynamic, based on personalization tags.



5. Instead of populating the value yourself, you can use our substitution tags ( e.g. {{campaign.name}} ) to dynamically set the values of your tracking parameters.

6. If you want to add another parameter, click ‘Add Parameter’ and repeat the process.