SMS Compliance

Text messaging is governed by an entirely different set of requirements than are emails.  In the United States, text messaging governance is controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because a cellphone is classified as a radio transmitter.  The governing law is the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) because a cellphone is a telephone.  In Canada, the law governing text messages is Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Enforcing compliance to the laws governing SMS marketing is very strict and the penalties for non-compliance are extremely heavy — more so than enforcement and penalties assessed for non-compliance to laws governing email marketing.

Opt-in Consent

Maropost Marketing Cloud does not currently support “Text-to-Join.”  Therefore you are responsible to secure express consent from the cellphone owners in order to send marketing messages to them.

The most common means of acquiring cellphone numbers is from an online form.  Your online form MUST contain the following elements:

  • A clear description of what the person is opting-in to receive by providing the cellphone number
  • A link on the form to a Terms and Conditions page that explains what the SMS marketing program is all about.
  • A link on the form to your Privacy Policy page.

Here’s an example of proper compliance for a web capture page for mobile numbers.  Note how each of the required elements are clearly explained in the form.


Click image to view larger size

Accessing SMS Messaging

Mouse over the Maropost Marketing Cloud logo in the left hand corner of the screen.  Then select “Mobile” from the drop-down menu


Manage SMS Contacts

Create an SMS List

Select “SMS” from the menu and then select “New List” from the drop-down menu.

Enter a name for your list and then click [Save].

Import Contacts into an SMS List


  • Click the “Import” link.
  • Click the “Choose File” button, select the file from your desktop, and click “Next.” The file must be in CSV format.
  • Map the column from your file to the Phone Number field.  (Optional) – You can also map a column in your file to the Subscribed field.  The proper values are either “S” for “subscribed” and “U” for “unsubscribed.”
  • Select the options to Import New Contacts and/or to Update Existing Contacts.
  • Click the “Import” button.
  • When the import is finished, you’ll receive a notification in the Announcement Center.

Create an SMS Campaign

Maropost Marketing Cloud sends broadcast text messages to a list of contacts who have given their consent to receive promotional messages from you.

In order to create an SMS messages, click on “Compose Your Message”.



Step 1:  SMS Details

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.37.30 PM

  • Message name – enter a name for the SMS message.
  • Message – You have a limit of 160 characters in your text message.  Your message MUST include the following words:
    • “STOP”, “CANCEL”, or “UNSUBSCRIBE” – when a contact texts back either of these keywords, it will be unsubscribed from the list(s) used to send the text message.  If the contact is opted in to other SMS lists that the message was not targeted to, then it will receive text messages sent to those lists.
    • (optional) “STOP ALL” – If you are using one-off lists to send a campaign to and you’ll not be using that list for any repeated messaging, they you much include this keyword in your message. When a contact replies to your text message with STOP ALL, then it will be unsubscribed from all lists and added to the Text Messaging Do Not SMS list.  It will no longer receive any further text messages from you.
    • “Message and data rates may apply” or “Msg & data rates may apply”
  • Test message – enter the mobile number that you want to receive a test text message.

Step 2:  Select Audience

Select from the displayed list of SMS Contacts that you have uploaded.

Step 3:  Schedule/Activate

Select the date and time (in Eastern Time Zone) that the broadcast SMS message will be sent.


  • Save as Draft – the SMS campaign will saved in Draft status.  It will not be sent.
  • Send Now – send the SMS campaign immediately regardless of the scheduled date and time.
  • Schedule – send the SMS campaign at the specified date and time.


Do Not SMS List

Select “SMS” from the menu and select “Do Not SMS List” from the drop-down menu.  The mobile numbers included in this list are all contacts who replied STOP ALL to any of your SMS campaigns.