A ‘Do Not Mail’ list is a global suppression list present in every Maropost account. This list ensures that any contact present in it will not receive future communication from the Maropost account.

How does a contact get added to the ‘Do Not Mail’ list?

  1. If a contact gets hard-bounced, they will be added to the DNM list automatically.
  2. If a contact clicks on ‘Report Spam‘ from the footer of an email, they will be added to the DNM list.
  3. If a contact clicks ‘Never mail me again’ from the ‘Edit Profile‘ page accessed through the footer.

You can also add contacts manually to the ‘Do Not Mail’ list by importing a .CSV file into a ‘Suppressed’-type list, or by adding it individually to the list.

To access the ‘Do Not Mail’ list, follow these steps:

1. Hover your cursor over your username and click on ‘Account Settings’.


2. This will open the index page. Your account’s ‘Do not mail’ list is on the left side.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.17.45 AM

3. Below the ‘do not mail’ list, it shows the number of contacts on the list. There are 4 options; import, export, encrypted export, and manage.

(i) Import: Importing a list of contacts to put on your account’s DNM list.
(ii) Export: Exporting a list of existing contacts on your account’s DNM list.
(iii) Encrypted Export: Export an encrypted list from your account’s DNM list.
(iv) Manage: View the contact details of every contact on your DNM list.

**Encrypted suppression lists will export your list in MD5 hash form.**

4. Clicking ‘Manage’ will open a new page and will display all the contacts that are currently present in the DNM list.

Manage DNM

The options along the top include; import, export, and post URL. This page also lists the ‘created at’ date and options to edit or delete a contact.

**To know the API call in order to access or add contacts into ‘do not mail’ list, please check the API documentation under ‘Connections’.

Is ‘do not mail’ list account specific or is it global to all accounts?

A ‘do not mail’ list is account specific (E.g. if a contact example@example.com is present in the DNM list of account ‘123’, then it will not affect the sending to this contact from an account ‘456’.

NOTE: When a contact is added to ‘do not mail’ list, they will stop receiving all email communications (normal campaigns, A/B campaigns, workflow campaigns, and test) from an account. To be able to send a contact content again, you must delete the contact from the DNM list.

To remove a contact from the ‘do not mail’ list, go to the DNM contact details page, and click ‘delete’.