Your user name is shown in the top-right corner when you log in to your Maropost Account. You can create multiple users in your Maropost Account, but there can only be one Admin for an account.

Options that you see when you hover your cursor over your user name:

  1. Edit Profile: This option allows you to edit your user information (name, email, phone number, state, and country), and change your password.
  2. Account Settings: This option will display the admin email and the details about other users on your account. You can create new users and assign them appropriate privileges on this page. Also, you can change the language, address, website, link tracking domain, and manage your Do Not Mail list.
  3. Connections: This option will show all information related to API, carts, software integrations, tables, and FTP uploads.
  4. Support: This option will show you the user support documents on the Maropost website. This WordPress site will be updated more frequently than the documentation on the website, so check here for new features and new guides.
  5. Sign Out: Using this option, you can log off from your Maropost Account.