In this guide, you’ll learn about transactional campaigns.

Transactional messages are used send the information like password reset notifications, purchase confirmations, and bills, to name a few types of messages. Each message is sent only to the individual recipient, and not a broadcast list (as in the case of promotional messages).

In Maropost app, Transactional campaigns can be created via either the content creation page in the user interface, or an API method call. Through the application UI, you can only create a Transactional campaign and not send the campaign.  To send the Transactional campaign, you will need to issue an API method call.

To create a new campaign via the UI, please follow these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over the Maropost logo and click on “Transactional”.

TC 1

2. Hover over ‘Campaigns’ and click on ‘New Campaign’. The Campaign creation screen will appear.

TC 2

3. Enter the campaign details; name, subject, pre-header, from name, from email, reply to email. Select the content (a preview of the selected content will appear on the right).

To create a new campaign via API call, please follow these steps:

  1. To check the Transactional API call, kindly refer to the links: > Transactional API

TC 3

2. Contact block in the API call is the Recipient’s information while Sender’s information will be automatically fetched from transactional campaign. You can use the tags in the call which will be explained under “with tags” menu.

TC 4

Transactional Campaign Reports:

  1. Hover the curser on Report:

TC 5

2. In the date filter box, you can filter the displayed campaign reports between the selected dates.

TC 7

3. Just below the campaign name the contact(s) score is zero, because the campaign is sent via API and not to the list contacts uploaded in your Maropost account.

TC 8

4. Next to the campaign name, scripts provide calculations for the following information: sent, delivered, opens, clicks and bounces. Click on the specific term to view the details.

5.You can export the campaign report by clicking on the campaign’s name. The report will include Delivery Report, ISP report and bounces rate.

TC 9