With Maropost’s web features, you can create forms, surveys, utilize web tracking and landing pages, and use them on your website or in your email content. Forms can be used on your website, landing page can collect leads into Maropost, surveys can be used to gather important information on a contact, and web tracking can be used to provide data on how and why people use your website or email campaigns.

To access the Web features, hover your cursor over the Maropost logo and click ‘Web’. The following will be displayed:

  1. Pages: Create customized landing pages for visitors to ‘land on’ after clicking on a hyperlink on your website or within your email content.
  2. Web Tracking: Track contacts’ activity on the website. Web site activity can be used for recording campaign conversions, segmentation based on recency and frequency of web site visits, triggered workflows including abandoned funnel remarketing campaigns, and even individualized emails featuring content based on each person’s own web site page view history.
  3. Forms: Create opt-in forms at Maropost and add css to it, if required. You can also host the forms on your website or at Maropost.
  4. Surveys: Create surveys at Maropost and keep a closing date. Later you can view the reports of the survey.