The Maropost web spider only catalogs pages that include the “keywords” HTML <meta> tag.  For each of these pages, the spider will also catalog the URL of the page, its title, and its description (if the “description” HTML <meta> tag is included).

Assuming your web site also uses additional types of HTML <meta> tags (e.g. OpenGraph tags) then you can specify those same tags for Recommendation Rules, and for inclusion in the personalized content feed.

To create a new Custom Tag for content recommendations, mouse over the Maropost logo in the top left hand corner of the screen and select “Web” from the main menu.  Once in the Web module, select Web Tracking >> Web Sites to display the web sites index page.  Click on the name of the web site that you have implemented web tracking.  Then select Web Tracking >> New Custom Tag from the menu bar.

  • Name – Enter the name of your HTML <meta> tag.  Examples include “og:title”, “og:image”, “twitter:card”, and others.
  • Tag type – Maropost support string, numeric, date/time, and boolean data types.
  • Default value – Enter the default value for the custom tag in case a particular page doesn’t include that custom tag.

Once you save your custom HTML <meta> tag, it will appear as a filter option and as a feed tag option in Recommendation Rules.