Once you have added the web tracking script to your site and are capturing items added to a shopping cart, you can now utilize the full power of Maropost Marketing Cloud to recover lost revenue.

Journeys allows you to create abandoned funnel remarketing programs that are as simple or as advanced as you want.  Drag and drop controls allows you to add any rules to recover the most amount of revenue from abandoned carts.

Here is an example of a journey that sends an abandoned cart remarketing email immediately after a cart abandonment has been detected.  It waits for 2 days before sending a second email.  But, the second email is only sent if the cart still remains abandoned.  If it has be recovered in the meantime, then the second email is not sent.


Let’s take a look at each element one at a time.

Web Page Event


The Web Page Event journey widget uses the Web Funnel settings.  The trigger is set to only allow contacts who have abandoned the “Shopping Cart 1” web funnel.

Send Email

The remarketing email is sent out that references the items left behind in the cart.  Liquid scripting displays the personalized cart within each email.

The abandoner receives a personalized email displaying items left in the cart.  Studies have proven that abandoned cart remarketing emails that provide specific references to items left in the cart have a higher recovery rate than those that don’t.

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The delay is set for two days allowing the cart abandoner enough time to open your remarketing email and decide to return to the cart and complete the purchase.



Evaluate whether the abandoner has responded to your remarketing email and completed the purchase.

The Recovered Cart segment selects contacts who have previously abandoned the “Shopping Cart 1” web funnel and have returned to complete it within the past 2 days.


Send Email

Send the second remarketing email only if the cart is still abandoned.


Two remarketing emails are enough to encourage an abandoner to return and complete the purchase.  End the journey at this point.