If you have added line items to your funnel tracking script, then you can reference them within your email content using the set of web funnel tags.

In the email Content editor, you’ll see a drop down selection list called Web Funnel Tags.


The general syntax of these custom personalization tags is:

{{website.website tag.funnel tag.funnel_name or line_items}}


The line_items array contains the four elements,

  • description – a short description of the product
  • page_url – the URL to the product page. If using funnel tracking for a membership form, provide the URL of the page where the contact last left off.
  • image_url – the URL of the product image
  • html – any additional HTML coding that will appear in the personalization.

Use Liquid scripting to access the elements of the line_items array and iterate through each set of elements.

 {% for item in website.w6623.manny_cart_1.line_items %}
 <tr style="border-bottom:1px solid #ffffff;">
 <td><img src="{{item.image_url}}"></td>
 <td><a href="http://{{item.page_url}}" style="text-decoration: none;" data-mp-url-id="_c3d2412308ee5f5e1e0dbbb92377b96cb73e0867" mp-encode="true">{{item.description}}</a></td>
 {% endfor %}